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I am a 27 year old Mama x2 , Wife, Author, Nurse, Sorority Sister, Mental Health Advocate and owner of a 3x Award-Winning Marketing Agency- KP Business Marketing. 

Hi there, I'm Kristina Peck

Just a few years ago I was at my very lowest. I worked a job that I hated, had zero self-love, and had lost my passion for Nursing. I was struggling with mental illnesses and truly hit rock bottom. It felt like I was drowning in a puddle full of self-pity. 

I'm glad you're 

Ciao Bella!

In June of 2020, my family packed up our lives in New York and moved just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. I had gave up my Nursing career and decided to spend time finding myself. I found a therapist and learned how to cope with my Bipolar Disorder and Depression. Once I accepted my mental illnesses and started a treatment plan, I turned into the woman I was always supposed to be. Brilliant, thriving, happy, passionate, SUCCESSFUL. I was everything I dreamed of being but wasn't sure how to become. 
By chance, Luck, or whatever you want to call it, I met the CEO of a large online networking community for women called, "The Pretty Women Hustle Network." The CEO, Jakia, offered me a Social Media Marketing Internship & my passion for Digital Marketing was born. After a few months of managing the PWH platform, I was promoted to Executive Director and Director of Marketing. I went from a depressed, overworked, unfulfilled Nurse, to the very definition of an EntrepreneHER. 
In November of 2020 I blossomed my entrepreneurial gifts into my own brand-KP Business Marketing. My Digital Marketing Agency is now a 2x Award-Winning Agency and has been featured on news outlets like: The Charlotte Talk Zone, FOX40, FOX43, The Market Watch, SNN, WE Magazine and several others. 


We pride ourselves on making our clients feel as comfortable as professionally possible by providing a warm, demanding environment all enjoy being around. We target female minority business owners as a way to restore and build up communities.
 Simply put, We create spaces for women to be exactly who they are meant to be, The Main Character of their own story !

Kay with the ReBrand Land has formed a partnership with us!

Brand Strategist and Designer

Meet the Team

Kay with the ReBrand Land has formed a partnership with us!


Taylor is one of KP Business Marketing’s website designers. As the owner of Trademark Virtual, she creates custom websites for individuals and organizations in all industries. By understanding your needs and pain points, she will help to identify how a website can serve you and your business. Her website process centered on collaboration which helps ensure that your vision is reflected in the end product. Regardless of your industry, Taylor is committed to understanding it so that your website accurately represents you and appeals to your target audience. 

Taylor with Trademark Virtual

Web Designer

Meet the Team

Taylor with Trademark Virtual


Hello! I’m Sarah and I’m so excited to get started as a Marketing Assistant for KP Business Marketing! Bringing with me a wealth of knowledge of the network marketing world, I’m eager to begin this new adventure! I can’t wait to showcase my creative skills and expertise! As a single Mom of a 6 year old boy, I aspire to be able to one day run my business from my own home!

Sarah Rossetti is accepting clients!

Marketing Assistant

Meet the Team
You can do anything, but not everything

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Diet Dr. Pepper

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